Book Speakers Through the Transform Roster

We're excited to announce that Transform Network has launched a new Speakers Bureau called the Transform Roster, featuring some amazing prophetic voices including Anthony Smith, Kathy Escobar, Vahisha Hasan, Amy Cantrell, and others. 

The vision for the Transform Roster is to center the voices of those who have traditionally been marginalized -- women, people of color, and LGBTQIA. We believe the body of Christ needs to hear dispatches from these folks at the margins, or else it will continue to have a spiritual form of leprosy (as Alexia Salvatierra says), not feeling and not sensing what the Church needs to feel and sense in these trying times! 

These folks are amazing practitioners and teachers, as well, who can help others connect faith and social justice on many topics. We see the need to exponentially train and mobilize more and more people of faith to join God in the streets for moral resistance, and we believe the Transform Roster of prophetic trainers can do just that. 

Will you please help us let others know about the Transform Roster? 

  1. Will you share the Transform Roster on your blog/social media? We need help getting the word out about this awesome resource! Here's a sample tweet/FB status you can use:

    Transform Network has launched an exciting new speakers bureau, featuring some truly prophetic and important voices for the Church today. Check it out and consider inviting some of these folks to come speak/preach at your next conference/church event:
  2. Do you know anyone who is an amazing, talented practitioner and voice for faith and justice? If you know of other amazing prophetic voices that the body of Christ needs to hear from, folks who are ready to get out and speak and train and who have capacity but who need the support of a network and a platform to help them get out there and do it, will you please share the Transform Roster with them and encourage them to contact Holly Roach Knight at to inquire about joining the Roster?