Announcing Recipiscence: A Lenten Devotional for Dismantling White Supremacy

Transform Network is honored to be partnering with Movement In Faith, Seminary of the Street, and SURJ Faith (Showing Up for Racial Justice) to produce Recipiscence: A Lenten Devotional for Dismantling White Supremacy!

As Vahisha Hasan, executive director of Movement In Faith, explains in her foreword to the book, "'Resipiscence' is defined as 'a change of mind or heart, reformation, a return to a sane, sound, or corrected view or position' (Merriam-Webster). The contributors within these pages are absolutely calling for a change of both mind and heart in the way we love or do not love our neighbor, a reform in oppressive structural institutions, and in light of the national political tone, a resolute call for a return to a corrected view of what and who made, makes, and will make this country great. ...

"This Lenten devotional is our collective sacrificial offering. It is our hope that these expressions of lament, vulnerability in being seen and heard, call to actively love the least of these, challenge to consider alternative perspectives, wrestle with the Biblical text, and examination of sacrifice, inspire you as they have inspired us, to move in faith."

Co-edited by Vahisha Hasan and Nichola Torbett, the book features writing from 46 different contributors. 

The book is available as an ebook (PDF) download or as a spiralbound print book. Order it now from the Transform Network Bookstore!

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