Transform Network: Giving You the Congregational Resources You Need to Practice Restorative Justice, in Good Faith.


Are you tired of insular “church growth” strategies? Are you ready to dive deep into contemplative and outwardly-focused theologies, storytelling, and practice that will bring lasting change to your faith community? 

For over a decade now, Transform Network has been partnering hand-in-hand with congregations like yours. Our passion is to resource, train, and mobilize communities of faith to join what God is already doing in the world, growing transformative social justice movements at a congregation-wide level.

This work is rarely “easy,” but we find that congregations taking this leap into “Restorative Justice in Good Faith” grow⁠—both spiritually and numerically⁠—finding their inner spirituality and social witness greatly strengthened in the process, leaning into the abundant life Jesus promises for those who go the distance in apprenticeship with the Divine.

Prophetic Christian Speakers - ready to speak at your church

Are you looking to bridge the gap between your current congregational ministry and prophetic voices, joining worship with justice? We curate a community of bold and insightful speakers, ready to introduce your church to fresh opportunities for ministry and congregational life.

Scholarship for Seminary Students

Transform is proud to offer the Nancy E. Roach Memorial Scholarship for seminary students working at the intersection of a robust Christian faith and social transformation. $4,000-6,000 for the seminary students in your church!

Fiscal Sponsorship & Capacity Building for Prophetic Leaders

Just getting started in your own world-changing nonprofit work? Transform is able to offer its 501(c)3 status through our fiscal sponsorship program to innovative and justice ministries oriented to our mission that are small and emerging.

Faith-rooted Organizing Trainings & Campaigns

There are many ways to be engaged in restorative justice work—how do you know where to invest your time and energy? Transform can help by identifying and vetting the best-fitting justice campaigns for you and your unique congregation to get involved with! Trainings pair our speakers with local congregations for a more in-depth relationship than a one-off speaking or preaching event, taking your congregation deeper into equipping and mobilizing.

Transform Network makes this congregational journey do-able for you and yours, in seven distinct ways! Keep scrolling. . .


Progressive Christian Calendar

Are you seeking spaces to re-energize, refresh, let go, or continue education — for yourself or your whole congregation? Look no further! Transform curates the most comprehensive North American Progressive Christian Calendar available online, sharing the conferences, festivals, trainings, and gatherings that will mobilize and inspire you and your people!

Online Classes and Cohorts

Are you wanting in-depth, community-rooted learning over time, for you or your faith community? Transform offers online classes and co-educating cohorts across the axis of justice, theology, contemplative spirituality, and community transformation. Connect to our classes and cohorts for learning, relationships, connections, and skill sharing for grassroots social change.

Please contact us for a free and personal 30-minute consultation on which Transform resources might be best for you, right now! And join our email list for free monthly resource emails with what’s breaking in grassroots-led, contemplative and restorative justice Christian ministry and movements.