8 Podcasts to Inspire Your Spiritual Activism in 2018 (Plus Bonus Recommendations)

There are some really great podcasts available to inspire and motivate your spirituality and activism in the new year. Here are eight that we recommend subscribing to now, with links where you can find them:

The Gathering podcast is produced by Repairers of the Breach, the organization founded by Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II. Currently produced monthly based on the live event that happens the first Sunday of every month in Raleigh, NC. Each episode has tackled a different theme of the Poor People's Campaign: A National Call for Moral Revival, which kicks off on Mother's Day 2018 (Sunday, May 13). Listen and get ready to join the Moral Movement in 2018!

The Prophetic Resistance podcast is produced by PICO and hosted by Michael-Ray Matthews. Recent episodes include fascinating interviews with Valarie Kaur, Mark Charles, Rabbi Sharon Brous, Dr. Leah Gunning-Francis, and Oneleilove Alston.

The Fortification podcast is produced by Auburn Seminary and is hosted by Caitlin Breedlove, who usually brings as much to the conversation as the brilliant people she interviews. Season one features a great conversation with Lisa Anderson (and more), and season two features Brian McLaren and Melvin Bray, among others.

The Rising: Spirituality for Revolution is produced and hosted by Rebekah Berndt and Chelsea MacMillan. This weekly podcast is topical and has covered everything from “POC-Centered Spirituality and Activism” to “Anti-Racism as Spiritual Practice” and “#ChurchToo,” with great special guests.

Healing Justice podcast is produced and hosted by Kate Werning, an organizer and healing practitioner. This weekly podcast is a virtual practice space, bridging conversations at the intersections of collective healing and social change. Because self-care is so important for spirituality and activism over the long haul, we cannot recommend this podcast highly enough!

Podcast For a Just World is produced by the United Church of Christ and hosted by Rev. Tracy Howe Wispeley, who has been central to the work in Charlottesville, VA, and the resistance to white supremacists there. This podcast is geared towards churches and communities of faith, with weekly lectionary reflections.

State of Resistance podcast is produced by Cadence 13 and is hosted by activist Sally Kohn. While it is not faith-based, this podcast features interviews with wider social movement leaders that are valuable for people of faith to be listening to and learning from in this particular moment.

The Liturgists podcast is hosted by Michael Gungor and Science Mike McHargue, two of our favorite humans on the planet. They've slowed down recently, but hopefully they will be back in 2018 with even more to inspire and challenge us.

Bonus Recommendations:

Deep Roots podcast - Thanks to supporters like you, our dear friend Mark Van Steenwyk will be launching his podcast soon! “The world is a tempest of injustice, threatening to tear our communities apart. But our resistance has deep, deep roots. Join (Mark) for stories of prophets, sages, revolutionaries, and mystics–those whose lives reach down deep to the source of life, to find power for resistance.”

The Word Is Resistance: A Podcast for the Revolution, produced by SURJ Faith (Showing Up for Racial Justice)

Interviews for Resistance, hosted by Sarah Jaffe

Mystic Soul Podcast, hosted by Teresa Pasquale Mateus

Replacing Church, hosted by Ben Katt

What will you be listening to in 2018? What are your favorite podcasts for inspiring and motivating your spirituality and action toward social justice? Please post your favorite links in the comments!