Follow and Support Steve Pavey/Hope in Focus at the SOA Watch Border Encuentro


Support the contemplative accompaniment work of Steve Pavey (Hope in Focus), a new creative partner with Transform Network, to accompany the SOA Watch Border Encuentro and for the ongoing witness of the migrant caravan.

This coming weekend, from November 16-18 in Nogales, Arizona/Sonora, we will join communities in resistance to U.S. militarization across borders for the 3rd Border Encuentro – “Dismantle Border Imperialism: Fight, Create, Power to the People.” We will join together to denounce the legacy of US military, economic and political intervention as a root cause of the mass exodus of refugees we see today. We will uplift the voices of families and communities demanding justice for all victims of Border Patrol violence. We will converge at the increasingly militarized US/Mexico border to say NO, NOT IN OUR NAME!

I (Steve Pavey) will be traveling to the 3rd Annual SOA Watch Border Encuentro to join the media/comms team to provide photography and story-telling for this especially relevant gathering as the Migrant Caravans coming from Central America are in the news along with the U.S. militarized response. I will be spending at least 10 days to possibly three weeks bearing witness with SOA Watch and the Migrant Caravans coming to the U.S. border.

SOA Watch will graciously be covering gas money and a place to stay once I arrive. Can you help provide financial support to help cover food and additional travel expenses?

100% of all tax-deductible donations to Hope In Focus always go directly to support the travel and expenses to walk (acompanamiento) in deep solidarity with grassroots-led movement building for human dignity and freedom.

I hope you will also consider supporting the SOAW leadership team which is now led by people directly impacted by militarized U.S. state sponsored violence by helping them reach their goal of raising $40,000 to support it, in part. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation of $10, $25, 50, $100 or more to help dismantle border imperialism and end state violence.

Also, please consider endorsing this year’s Encuentro here:

Now, more than ever, we must stand together with and for our Latin American and Caribbean family in the struggle against all forms of violence, profit over people, and the fight for justice and self-determination. This year's Encuentro will allow us to come together to connect our mutual struggles, while sharing our experiences of overcoming these struggles. While the state often tries to divide and put wedges between our communities, we know that the only way we will truly thrive is to exchange our collective knowledge in service of liberation. Each year the Encuentro gives us a sense of hope and renewed energy to resist the structures of oppression that continue to brutalize our communities. At the Encuentro, we will be reminded that the only power that will bring liberation, is people power - and if any moment calls for this reminder, it is now.

Watch for photos and updates here from Steve Pavey as he reports from the 2018 SOA Watch Border Encuentro!

Steve Pavey