Church Different


Church doesn't always look like church anymore . . .


When Transform started in 2009, it began as a progressive missional community formation network that sought to be a catalyst for innovative expressions of Christian community.

Transform brought together people on the verge of starting new communities (i.e., community catalysts) or who were already cultivating new communities to give them the encouragement and resources they needed to get started and be sustainable:

  • by providing training in missional community development, practical start-up issues, and theological engagement

  • by connecting community catalysts with potential support structures

  • by helping community catalysts negotiate complicated and challenging support structure relationships and hurdles

  • to link community catalysts with mentors/spiritual directors and contemplative practices

Community is the first step of collective action. Faith communities play a vital role.
— Liz Butler, Movement Strategy Center, at Transform 2016

Missional community is still an important part of the work that Transform Network does, because as Liz Butler sayss, "Community is the first step of collective action."

Transform seeks to help people of faith and communities of faith connect with broader movements for social change. 

Progressive people of faith are doing some amazing work to make the world a better place! But our social justice work is often siloed in our faith community or in our denomination/non-profit structure. Transform wants to help be a bridge to connect the work you are doing as a person or community of faith with the broader work that God is doing in the world through positive social movements.

And that is what it means to be missional: To participate with God in what God is doing in the world!