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Ash Love is the Director of Faith Organizing for The Freedom Center for Social Justice. With years of experience in nonprofit administration, she purposed to maximize the previous work she’s done in faith-based organizing as a social justice model with The Freedom Center for Social Justice. Her desire to dive deeper into faith-based organizing professionally, was cultivated by deep roots in the church and being raised as a preacher’s kid, also fascinated by the concepts of liberation theology. Currently serving as a lay leader in both her community and across the state of North Carolina.

Before joining The Freedom Center for Social Justice, Ash served as the Chief Operating Officer for the Winston-Salem Urban League. Ash is also the founder and principal consultant of Love Consulting Firm, a nonprofit consulting firm focused on developing nonprofits with a social justice platform. She brings to her consulting firm and partner agencies, expertise in organizational development, strategic planning, program design, event planning, creative organization theory, coalition building models, and fundraising skills. She believes in the significance of utilizing grassroots models for community change.

The last 10 years have been committed to the nonprofit industry, concentrating in organizational development and strategy; with emphasis on macro social work best practices, community organizing, and social action. She’s served on various boards, strategy teams, and committees.

Ash holds a Bachelors from Slippery Rock University (Slippery Rock, PA) and a Masters of Social Work from the University of Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh, PA) with a concentration in community development; specifically, community organizing and social action. She is a proud Philadelphia native, with additional roots in Pittsburgh, PA, but now calls Salisbury, NC, home.

She is also a published poet, social justice blogger, and visual artist, exhibiting work in both US/International poetry journals and visual artist exhibitions. Her most recent social justice blog explored law enforcement’s use of force on black children.

Ash has dedicated a lifetime commitment to working at the intersections of faith and justice, building the infrastructure of community organizations/nonprofits and a commitment to serving people, particularly people in communities of color and other marginalized communities. 


Intersectional Organizing: Faith, Justice, and the LGBTQ Community
Meet me at the intersections of faith, justice, and the LGBTQ community; strategies in effective faith-rooted organizing with LGBTQ communities and allies. Discussing how regressive religious views interrupt the advancement of justice work and harm marginalized groups. 

Guerilla Affirming: Radical Inclusivity
Exploring the boldness of inclusivity and the revolutionary concept of modeling guerrilla affirming communities. Learn new terms and strategies for embodying, advocating and shifting oppressive structures such as conservative church systems. Here we make a case that radical inclusivity is Christ-driven.

Millennial Theology: Leaving the Church, Finding God
Among the urgencies church communities should face, one encounter is its dependence on filling pews instead of cultivating healthy disciples. Opening the door to why an entire generation has rejected the church system to find God as a method to dismantle oppressive church culture. Sharing interviews from Millennials and their decision to leave home churches, defining a generation-based theology and diving into a compelling analysis of no-church as the key to restoring faith. 

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