Pastor Anthony Smith


Anthony Smith is one of the curators (along with this wife Toni Cook-Smith) of Mission House, a kingdom experiment in Salisbury, NC. He facilitates a blog, Musings of a Postmodern Negro, that is an investigation into the intersection of theology, philosophy, race, popular culture, politics, and emerging culture.

Speaking Topics

Hidden Fire: Cultivating a Discipleship Culture of Jesus Revolutionaries -- Learn about the necessary community rhythms and cadences to cultivate God-intoxicated, centered, and engaged followers of Jesus.

Postcolonial Hush Harbors -- During slavery in the American South black folks established and cultivated an alternative worshipping community outside the plantation site away from the gaze of plantation owners and their minions. How do we create postcolonial hush harbors that cultivate alternative space for the decolonization work of the soul? Learn in this talk the habits and practices vital to becoming and sustaining hush harbors.

Thin Places in the Wild -- The conversation in the intersection of contemplative practice and activism offers us a myriad number of exceptional individuals but few examples of communities embodying this intersectional work. In this talk you will learn stories and lessons learned from doing the grassroots work of healing justice at the local level.

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