Anita Grace Brown


Anita began her love affair with yoga 14 years ago to ease extreme mood swings (PMDD) and IBS. She has enjoyed sharing the gift for over 10 years teaching in home settings, businesses, prisons, gyms, studios, and churches. She's known for her impassioned servant's heart, unique self-expression, and inspirational style of teaching that incorporates both the physical and grace-filled aspects of the practice. 

Anita feels strongly that as much as we may understand our connection to G O D intellectually, there is a piece of the deep, abiding love and forgiveness that is enhanced when this is embodied, as in yoga.

Three years ago, she added seated mindfulness meditation as a daily practice and dubs this “time with her Divine Therapist” and has found it the perfect grounding and centering start to the day.

Many are being called to marry the Eastern mindfulness practices with the Western Christian message of transformation and grace. Anita’s own journey has led her to writing her first book — a simple, powerful, and brief compilation of prayers and practices divided by ailment, including: anxiety, depression, eating disorder, infertility, sleeplessness, and chronic pain.

Anita writes, “The future of Christianity might just be hinging on our sharing of the tools and practices to awaken that which transformed our hurting hearts and closed minds. What alchemized our pain, helped us to forgive, and moved us to extend grace? The mystics among us who lead ordinary lives have discovered the veil to be quite permeable. Good news, indeed, for everyone with a desire for healing and intimacy.
Blessed are all who understand that body wisdom is the great equalizer.”

Anita creates a safe place in which students can: practice yoga and meditation, let go of all judgment and distraction, and release self-doubt. You can find her various certifications, education, and training information on her website, SmilingHeartYoga.org, and listen to her podcast It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere.


What Does It Mean to Truly Embody Jesus?
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Practicing Presence, Wholeness & Integration
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Exploring Shalom with Breath, Body & Mind
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