Aisha Dew


Former North Carolina state campaign manager for Bernie Sanders, Aisha Dew is a savvy and experienced political strategist with a strong faith and creative arts background that informs all that she does. Aisha currently serves on the coordinating committee for the Charlotte Commission on Reconciliation and Equity (CORE), the city's version of South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission to address racial and economic inequality. She ran the campaign for Charlotte's first African-American woman mayor elected in November 2017. Aisha is, herself, a breaker of glass ceilings -- as the first African-American woman elected to be vice chair of the North Carolina Democratic Party -- and a fierce cheerleader for others to do the same.

She works at the intersection of the spaces she loves: faith, art, and politics. Aisha studied religion and has led arts programming for her faith-based community. She also believes that art can transform and integrate into the world of faith. She considers herself a “Creative Change Agent" who works for a positive impact for change wherever she is.

Aisha is a graduate of Salem College, who also attended Wake Forest University and Yale University School of Drama as a part of her undergraduate studies. She obtained a degree in Arts Administration.

Speaking Topics

Faith in Action: My Voice in the World (Art and Politics) 
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Making a Difference Where You Are
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Progressive Faith
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