Transform speakers will move you

The Transform Roster is a speakers bureau of powerful prophetic speakers, trainers, and practitioners who educate and train people of faith for racial, environmental, and social justice. The Transform Roster prioritizes the voices of people from directly impacted communities including queer, trans, women and people of color. We believe that regular dispatches from the various reaches of the body of Christ and voices often found outside the institution of Church, can be voices for transformation for faith communities and the communities they serve. Through storytelling, prophetic witness, preaching, academic and journalistic inquiry, Transform Roster speakers inspire, challenge, and move us in our faith to transform ourselves and the world.

Anthony Smith speaking at the Montreat Conference Center

Anthony Smith speaking at the Montreat Conference Center

Educators. Innovators. Changemakers. Prophets.

We are in “a whirlwind of the moment,” a time when everyday people are becoming mobilized to work for social change wherever they are at, often for the first time in their lives. We have seen a huge influx of people wishing to gain skills and analysis and understanding of how collective social action works. The Transform Roster of speakers and trainers is here to help you and your faith community get the training and skills and inspiration/motivation it needs to join the moral resistance! 

Our roster is unique in that it often features practitioners of transformational work who don’t necessarily have the time to write a book about what they do, but are really adept at teaching people how to do it. Are you a practitioner who has a model or a message to share? Join our roster of speakers and get out there!