Father Shannon T.L. Kearns


Father Shannon T.L. Kearns is a writer, speaker, and theologian. He is the co-founder of Queer Theology. He is also the founder of Uprising Theatre Company.

He graduated from Union Theological Seminary with a Master of Divinity and is an ordained priest in the Old Catholic Church.

Fr. Shay is a sought after speaker on queer theology, transgender issues, and the intersections of identity and faith.

He’s been published in Geez Magazine, Lavender Magazine, Believe Out Loud, and the Huffington Post, and featured in The Advocate and the Star Tribune.

You can find him on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and his website.  


Subversive Stories: The Power of Narrative
For too long in the Christian tradition, marginalized people have felt that they needed to use Scripture to defend their right to exist. But what if there is another way to approach Scripture that allows us to re-imagine it with transgender identities in mind? How does this re-imagining both give agency and strength to transgender people and also aid in the movement for justice? In this presentation, Father Shannon TL Kearns weaves his personal narrative of coming out and transitioning with theological reflections on the life of Jesus and how the two stories can inform and deepen one another. He will speak about the power of storytelling to empower people, and to change hearts and minds.

Gender Identity and Faith
A Transgender and Gender 101 educational session with an introduction to ways to read Scripture that are affirming of Transgender and gender nonconforming individuals. In this talk Fr. Shannon TL Kearns will educate about transgender identity, share his personal story of coming out and reconciling his faith, and share insights into Scripture from the lens of transgender identity.

Sacred Stories and Sacred Texts
What do stories have to teach us about faith? About who we are? About how we live in the world? What happens when the stories that exist in the media aren’t nuanced or complex enough? And what does any of this have to do with Scripture? In this talk Fr. Shannon TL Kearns shares about the power of storytelling, the importance of transgender stories, and how diving deep into story can help us read Scripture with new eyes. 


VIDEO (above): Father Shay’s message on Gender Identity and Faith at Urban Homeworks, March 2018

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