Theologies of Resistance




"We live in a time where the message of Jesus and the agenda of the powerful are in conflict, where the hidden systems of domination are being revealed, where the need for a movement of justice and a people of resistance is ever more clear."


In the Summer of 2018, Transform Network partnered with Homebrewed Christianity (Dr. Tripp Fuller) and the Activist Theology Project (Dr. Robyn Henderson-Espinoza) to sponsor a four-week online course in "Theologies of Resistance." 

As part of the course, four members of Transform Network's Speakers Bureau contributed a video on one of the four weekly topics. 

We're making all four of those videos available free to everyone now! Please watch and share. 


Week 1 - Resisting Nationalism with Dietrich Bonhoeffer - Video by Kathy Escobar


Week 2 - Resisting Empire with Jon Sobrino - Video by Amy Cantrell


Week 3 - Resisting Racism with James Cone - Video by Anthony Smith


Week 4 - Resisting Patriarchy with Rosemary Radford Ruether - Video by Vahisha Hasan


If a church never gets into conflict with the ruling powers it should question whether it’s a church of Jesus Christ.

— Jon Sobrino