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Samuel DeWitt Proctor Conference 2019

Birmingham, AL

The Samuel DeWitt Proctor Conference issues this 2019 call to gather in the tradition of and with affirmation of the legacies of the Rev. Dr. James Hal Cone and the Rev. Dr. Katie Geneva Cannon. Beautiful are their feet! Their footprints forever guide our ministry!

In the context of Black theology and Black faith, mighty trees have fallen. We continue to mourn the passing of the courageous father of Black Liberation Theology, Dr. Cone and one of the mighty Mothers of Womanism, Dr. Cannon. We are left to gather the lessons so that we might not forget. We are left to continue to fight for our humanity, with the conviction that Father God hears our cries, Mother God walks with us and we have two new powerful ancestors for our journey during this forthcoming benchmark year, called by many, the "Quad-Centennial" year.