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Courageous Conversations

  • 3658 South Wentworth Avenue Chicago, IL, 60609 United States (map)

Chicago, IL

Courageous Conversations pairs African American voices trained at conservative evangelical seminaries or divinity schools with African American voices trained at mainline seminaries or divinity schools to discuss controversial topics.

We will have our first national Courageous Conversations event in Chicago, IL at the Historic Progressive Baptist Church on Monday, September 3rd. We will have 24 scholars and pastors to discuss topics like justice, the authority of scripture, sexuality, and gospel preaching.

Courageous Conversation I | Authority of Scripture: Why is Scripture Authoritative? (Dr. Renita Weems, Dr. Judy Fentress Williams, Dr. Jarvis Williams and Dr. Bruce Fields)

Courageous Conversation II | Paul vs Jesus: Whose Words Carry More Weight? (Dr. Angela Parker, Dr. Delman Coates, Dr. Esau Mccaulley and Dr. Dennis Edwards)

Courageous Conversation III | Gospel Preaching: What is Gospel Preaching? (Dr. Teresa Fry Brown, Dr. Kevin Smith, Dr. Kimberly Credit and Dr. Frank Thomas)

Courageous Conversation IV | Exclusivity vs Inclusivity: Is Jesus the Only Way? (Dr. Brianna Parker, Dr. Howard-John Wesley, Dr. Vince Bantu and Jonathan Bennett)

Courageous Conversation V | Justice: What is Biblical Justice? (Dr. Charlie Dates, Dr. Yolanda Pierce, Jemar Tisby and Dr. Nicole Massie Martin)

Courageous Conversation VI | Sexuality: What Does the Bible Say About Sexuality? (Dr. Cleotha Robertson, Dr. Rodney Sadler, Dr. Wil Gafney and Dr. Quonekia Day)