Soul Care Retreat: Coming Home

Soul Care Retreat: Coming Home

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This July 5-7th we are gathering sacred souls together in Hot Springs, NC for a homecoming - an experience of soul care, healing, and restoration.  A coming home to yourself and to a family of support in these trying times. You can’t pour from an empty cup, and in your caring for the world in these difficult days you need individual and collective time and space to tend to your own needs and healing in order to keep going.  

We are creating and curating a weekend retreat for soul care that aims to give you the experience of sustaining yourself in the midst of working for a better world. So many of us are out there in the world trying to make life better in these difficult times, and we need to make sure we tend to ourselves and our healing. Oppression is trauma, and those of us who are experiencing and witnessing oppression are impacted by trauma.  We need a home to retreat from the hurt, spend time with ourselves on sacred ground, be surrounded by others who can support and care for us, and learn tools to enable us to heal from the inside out.

This retreat won’t fix it all for you, but will provide space, tools, conversations, and community to help you keep going in whatever way you need to.  

Our Soul Care Retreat aims to be a family reunion for kin who have never met.  We are anam cara for one another. We are those who know what it means to hold the world’s deep hunger for inclusivity. We resist the temptations of being polite when we are called to shake the walls.  Our pillows are lined with tears of frustration and tears of rejoicing. And we need each other, gathered together at the Laughing Heart Lodge with delicious, nourishing food. We need each other as we create rhythms and rituals of receiving and releasing.  We need the space to dance within and around our own fires.

Suzanne L. Vinson is an artist, mother, and minister living an intentional life toward wholeness, kind-hearted listening, and compassionate care in Richmond, Virginia. Suzanne is a sensitive and gracious facilitator of the healing arts utilizing guided meditation, visualization, and mindful creative practice as primary tools to engage both the intellect and the human spirit. Suzanne’s soul work - gathering folks - is invitational with a sincere intention that those who gather release burdens and fears of expectations and begin to engage in self care with a table set as a creative banquet.  Find out more about Suzanne at and follow her on Facebook at

Jayme R. Reaves is a public theologian, feminist biblical studies scholar, and holy troublemaker.  Born and raised in the Deep South of the U.S., Jayme learned early on about negotiating boundaries related to race, gender, identity, conflict and peace, politics and faith and uses those skills every day in her work in the United Kingdom and US.  She has a specific interest in the theology and practice of hospitality - particularly in the context of sanctuary and non-violent resistance movements - and is passionate about creating safe spaces for all of creation to thrive. Find out more at and follow her on Facebook at and @jaymereaves on Twitter.  

Ana Karim has been a physical therapist for 24 years since graduating from UNC-Chapel Hill. Interwoven in that body of experience is a Master of Divinity degree with work in the congregational and non profit sectors as well as a Masters degree in International Affairs focusing on women’s rights in Cuba. In the last six years her physical therapy practice has been focused in women’s and men’s health and certification in medical therapeutic yoga. She has been on a much needed sabbatical from corporate healthcare since December and is positioning herself to start her own physical therapy practice. She also is a potter and has a growing love for gardening.

Holly Roach Knight is helping to organize and hold the space in her role as principle at Restorative Retreats and is also with us in her network building capacity at Transform Network, a transformational resource at the intersection of faith and justice.

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Housing is booked and paid for directly through Laughing Heart Lodge.