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Phileena Heurertz, author, speaker and Word Made Flesh co-founder discusses how contemplative (i.e. centering) prayer 'allows the transformational work of the Spirit to dismantle unconscious motivation(s)'.

Comment by Brian McConnell on February 11, 2012 at 11:23am

"The reconciliation of science and religion is not merely a passing academic curiosity.  These two enormous forces--truth and meaning--are at war in today's world.  Modern science and premodern religion aggressively inhabit the same globe, each vying, in its own way, for world domination.  And something, sooner or later, has to give." from The Marriage of Sense and Soul (3)

As Wilber's work attests however, the bigger picture involving how this knowledge is transmuted to spiritual or even evolutionary development in relation to the human soul accordingly, resides within contemplative or meditative practice itself.  In this regard, Wilber fervently contends that "(a)ll knowledge is based upon practice--that is, at the core of every truth lies an injunction that essentially says 'if you want to know this, do that.'  This is true for all branches of human knowledge, whether ecology, psychology, physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, or mysticism--data can only be enacted and observed if you are willing to perform the experiment" (4).

For these same reasons then, it's especially compelling to me that contemporary practitioners like Gail Hochachka ("Enacting a Post-Secular Spirituality") and Phileena Heurertz ("Yoga as Christian Spiritual Formation?") are both such sterling partisans of a revolutionary, but yet emerging, yogic discipline.  Consequently, but in this same respect, what could be simpler than to traverse our own paths from their respective example?  Hmmm?

The foregoing is a segment from a blog published in its entirety here at TransFORM as, "Transforming Kingdom Architecture - Beams and Struts".



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