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Trying something a little different in Uruguay...

People have always called Uruguay a "graveyard for missions."  I think it is mostly a graveyard for paradigms.  Too many missionaries and pastors needing to get sprung loose from the matrix when we are already too old. 


We are trying something a little different.  Not tooting our own horn here, just showing up to give somebody a curious piece of news to show at the dinner table.


We are buying a house in the country 40 minutes outside the city and hosting creativity retreats.  We are also using it as a think tank for social businesses.  On top of that, we are throwing invites for spiritual leaders into the mix so they can get their hands dirty too.


So what happens when a bohemian artist, a social innovator who just started walking with Christ, and a young pastor all end up at the same barbecue on the same weekend?  Good stuff


San Geronimo is a 20 acre estate outside of Montevideo that is starting to become a little getaway-hideaway for creative innovators--innovators in culture, innovators in social business, and innovators in spiritual communities, to gather around the warmth of the person of Jesus and to walk back into their worlds with a slightly different head and heart in their day-to-day.


This place was the retirement home of a Scottish-Argentine businessman, Stuart Heath, his Anglo-Argentine wife, Irene Shepherd, and her sister, Dr. Gwen Shepherd, who was also a good bud of Corrie Ten Boom. 


All three of them are partying with Jesus now, and we just bought their house.  Well, we are buying their house, and having lots of barbecues with lots of odd mixtures of Jesus followers and non Jesus followers. 


And sparks are starting to fly.


Check it out... pop on over to our site or heck, just get on a plane to Uruguay and come see for yourself. 

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