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Howdy all!


First off, my apologies to those of you whom I contacted ages ago about being involved in the creative worship bits at TransFORM conference (I'm thinking particularly of Callid and Laryn).  I hope you haven't already planned all over top of the conference (April 30-May 2), and if so, I hope I can talk you into ditching whatever you scheduled in its place. :^)


The planning committee for the conference just had our first conference call of the year last week and things are looking really good. I'm excited about the range of presenters and topics.


I've had some meetings with local folks to talk about logistics and planning for the worship/arts bits and the jam session at Convergence on Friday night.  Now I want to plug in anybody whose interested in participating as a musician, visual artist or spoken word artist to


a) give a feel for what we're being asked to do


b) try and flesh out what, generally, everyone will do and *when* they will do it


To this end, I'd like to schedule a TokBox call with as many folks as can attend.  If you haven't used TokBox before, it allows up to 20 people to videochat at once, and is pretty darned cool, if I do say so mehself. 


I'm looking for an hour, hour and a half slot within the next 2 weeks.


So this is what I want to know:

1) who wants to participate

2) what dates they have availability

3) what time of day works best

4) who would participate if they could but doesn't have a webcam


You can reply to me directly but it'd be a lot easier if you posted to this discussion thread.



Peace out,


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Hey there. You know I'd love to offer some mad drumming/percussion skills... I can sang too. I'm open with time except Tues. and Wed. evenings.
No problem, Amy. :)

I'm not sure what I can offer for a jam session besides my presence. I think I'm available at those dates -- have to run it by my wife, too, but at the moment it looks clear.

I think an evening an the next week or so will work for me, with enough advance notice.
Hey Laryn,

We were thinking about having folks doing visual art as part of the worship... doing live-painting, live-drawing... and also incorporating spoken-word elements, either prepared beforehand or created at the conference... which would be where you would come in (and Callid, if he's still hanging around the ning).

I'm sorry I've dropped the ball on this ya'll... I'm back and focused. Any chance we can TokBox chat this coming Monday night? I don't think it will take long.
hi Amy (and everyone),

I won't be able to ToxBox tonight but will follow the discussion in this thread. I write fiction and poetry, some of which might be suitable to read as part of worship.


Chris Cocca
Hi guys,

Due to the Great and Terrible Silence greeting my inquiry about TokBox tonight, I’m going to move to Plan B and just email the folks who’ve contacted me about being involved in the worship part of the conference. We’ll see if we can get this done the old-fashioned way via email :^). If you’re interested and haven’t contacted me, pop me an email at and I’ll include you on the thread.

Sorry for my part of the silence -- my inbox is a mess. Tonight would work, or email will work.
Amy, sorry for the *extremely* delayed response. I'm planning to be at the conference, and will do my best to be available for whatever worship planning / implementation needs you have. If you have it covered that's great -- but I'd certainly love to be part of any jam session that happens!

(Also, hit me up by email if there are going to be any equipment needs for those traveling in from out of town. I *might* have whatever is needed...)

Grace and peace, Ben


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