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The following is the last paragraph in a response I wrote to an article about New Monasticism published in Geez Magazine.

Ultimately, the 12 marks are not the only expressions of neo-monasticism around. People like my parents and other sisters and brothers have been living kingdom-saturated lives for longer than the name new monasticism has been coined. We need to differentiate between a way of living and one expression of that way of living. The movement needs some time to grow, to allow what we know in our heads to move into our hearts and become who we are. The 12 marks can serve as points of inspiration, but not as the definition of neo-monasticism, or as a litmus test of what “serving the other” is. As always, the kingdom is much bigger than this new expression of faith and praxis.

Make sure to read the original article and the rest of the responses.

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I would add that we (or myself, anyway!) need time to move what's deep in our hearts into our heads.

I have begun to focus more on helping to form a "neo-monastic" - this phrase has been helpful so far in describing what we're trying to do - community in Sacramento. Intentional community is spot on, too, since we won't all be living under the same roof.

I'm looking forward to being a deeply integrated part of the body of Christ here... and the community that is springing up here.
This is the first I have heard of New Monasticism and I am finding it very interesting.

Let me introduce myself: My name is Jacy, I attend Parker UMC in Colorado. I lead Disciple Bible Study and I am a Stephen leader along with a few other things.

I look forward to learning and sharing more about this.

Thank you,


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