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Hi I am visiting USA from New Zealand in April/ May going to INHABIT and CYNKC

I am an 'Anglican' priest who is more comfortable on the edge working with youth, community development, etc

I am in Boston area for a week from 28 April and would love to connect with some like minded people


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Chris, I'm sure it's probably already on your list, but are you planning to connect with the folks at The Crossing (Episcopal)?

Founding pastor Stephanie Spellers is on her way out, but she may still be around when you're visiting that area. Isaac Everett is liturgist there, and he'd be another great person to connect with.

You should also get in touch with Jeff Gentry and the Boston Emergent cohort group:

Anyone else doing cool stuff in Boston? Please post them in the comments/replies and let's help Chris get better connected here in the States!   

Thanks Steve

The Crossing had been suggested and I have tried to contact them

The Emergent group sounds interesting

Cheers, Chris


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