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Threads Church in Portage, Michigan is looking for a qualified teaching pastor to join their current leadership team and mission.

Threads Church is a story formed community who longs to help an unbelieving world become love God, love others Christ-followers. We are a church made up of missional communities and we see them as our primary vehicle for discipleship. Yet, we still value gathering together on Sunday for worship.


• Minimum of 3-5 years of teaching in a large group context

• Minimum of 2 years experience leading in a missional setting

• Experience in working to bring holistic restoration to their community

• Prefer 4 years of undergraduate work with some theological training and/or a relevant master’s  degree


• To lead a collaborative team of people to develop a teaching schedule

• Maintain a strong commitment to holistic discipleship as stated in Matthew 28. Display a value of

discipleship through immersion (going), apprenticeship (baptizing) and teaching.

• To raise up and develop within Threads a teaching team that will provide Christ-centered teaching

• To provide oversight and leadership within a team perspective, using your spiritual gifts to fulfill God’s vision for Threads

• A heart for the city and a longing to see people fall in love with Jesus

Application Requirements:

Please send the following information to by January 31, 2013.

• A current resume

• A one to two page explanation of your experience in teaching, missional living, and displaying a heart

for your community

• Contact information for two ministry references, a current or former employer, and someone (not a

relative) who has known you for at least five years

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