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Benediction for International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers

International Day to End Violence Against Sex Workers is December 17:

Bowie Snodgrass from the Transmission community in New York City wrote this benediction for an interfaith service to mark this occasion this year:

O Creator, Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, Spirit, God -
We pray -
For all who are abused,
For the wounds, hurt and anger that can take years and decades to heal.
For all victims of violence – verbal, physical, and fatal.
For all who have died, named and un-named today,
And for all who mourn:
Friends, co-workers, lovers, family, parents, and children.
May we never forget.
May the world hear our cry
And may God be with us.
We pray for healing – body, soul, and spirit.
For justice.
For safety.
For the strength to forgive.
We pray that in 2012 not one more person is a victim of abuse, violence, or murder.
Send us out in peace, shalom, salaam, today and always.



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