TransFORM - a missional community formation network

Leadership Team

TransFORM has been developed and guided by a group of grassroots missional pastors and practitioners who represent denominational churches, non-denominational churches, neo-monastic communities, and organic/house church communities:

Kathy Escobar | The Refuge

Tripp Fuller | Homebrewed Christianity

Don Heatley | Vision Community Church

Pam Heatley | Vision Community Church

Steve Knight | Open Hearts Gathering

Rich McCullen | Missiongathering

Holly Roach

Eliacin Rosario-Cruz | Church of the Apostles

Phil Shepherd | The Eucatastrophe

Stephanie Shepherd | The Eucatastrophe

Karen SloanFormation House

Anthony SmithMission House

Mark Van Steenwyk | Mennonite Worker

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