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"In my travels and interaction across denominations, I'm convinced that we need a network to be created. This network would help convene a new generation of leaders to support and encourage one another in the formation of new missional communities. Such a network could work within and alongside existing denominations; it would be bound together not by similarity in form or style but by a common mission and a shared ethos and values. I'm doing all I can to encourage and support this endeavor, and I hope others will join me."
—Brian D. McLaren


"There is probably no more pressing matter facing the Church right now than is the need to establish missional communities that will both live/be/carry the Word within the larger community we call 'the culture' and, at the same time, serve as a place of union and shared activity between established churches and emergence Christianity. It would be essentially impossible to exaggerate the magnitude of this need or to overstate how enthusiastically and hopefully I am embracing the concepts articulated by TransFORM."
—Phyllis Tickle


“It's time to construct something, time to work proactively for the establishment of new communities of faith. That is clearly the next step of emergence, and I'm thrilled that the right people are getting ready to make this happen. I stand ready to help in any way possible, and I encourage others to wholeheartedly support TransFORM as well.”

—Tony Jones, former National Coordinator of Emergent Village, author of The New Christians


“Over the last decade, the public conversation about emergence Christianity helped many of us imagine how we might seek the way of Jesus in the 21st century. It is clear that the way forward is creative, communal, socially engaged, and Christ-conscious. What is needed is a network that moves us beyond conversation into local and connected communities of grassroots action.”
—Mark Scandrette, Founding Director of ReIMAGINE!


“Over the past decade, missional Christian communities have been emerging as exciting new growth in our faith landscape. These diverse gatherings—pub/cafe conversations, church plants, intentional communities, monastic groups, and more—exist as vital and local expressions Christian community. They can be unconnected, difficult to find, and isolated from coordinated efforts to develop new communities. A network that encourages and connects existing communities while also supporting the development of new communities is a timely gift to many who participate in or seek these communities.”
—Tim Conder, Founding Pastor of Emmaus Way (Durham, NC) and Board Chairperson of Mars Hill Graduate School

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